Equipment CSW

General equipment

HAWE CSW Schiebeschild

Clear view

The driver has an excellent view of the hydraulically operated bulkhead and operates the CSW via the user friendly electro-hydraulic controls. All the hydraulic drives are actuated by the on-board hydraulics which are fitted as standard and powered by a drive shaft.
HAWE CSW_Schiebeschild
HAWE CSW Heckklappe


The bulkhead is operated by a multi-stage telescopic ram. The HAWE CSW experiences very little wear because moving parts are reduced to a minimum.
HAWE CSW Rueckleuchten

Large tailgate

Large tailgate with safely mounted rear lights.
HAWE CSW maximum volume

Maximum capacity

High capacity gives outstanding performance in the silage-making chain. The carrying capacity can be increased by compressing the load.
HAWE CSW_Entladen
CSW_5000 Entladung

Excellent stability

Excellent stability for unloading. The HAWE CSW is very stable even when unloading on side slopes and in low buildings where headroom is limited.
HAWE CSW Stuetzfuss

parking stand and drawbar

Hydraulic parking stand and hydraulic drawbar suspension.
drawbar suspension.

Tire variants for all claims


BKT FL 630 Super

  • the ideal tire for a multipurpose use on road and field
  • uniform running and high resistance


  • For 75 per cent road use
  • Excellent performances on the road.
  • High comfort and self-cleaning
  • Speed index class D/E for higher speeds on road journeys while saving significantly time
  • Low rolling resistance for fuel savings
agriflex +389 vf

Alliance AGRIFLEX + 389 VF

  • The Alliance 389 VF flotation tire with „Very High Flexion“ technology can be used with 30 percent lower tire pressure
  • Suitable for field use as well as for road transport

Michelin TRAILXBIB High Flotation

  • Gentle to the floor
  • The tire can carry the same load with very low air pressure
  • Very good self-cleaning
  • Consistent center bar ensures a long service life and safe driving behavior on the road