Equipment DST

General equipment

HAWE DST Streuhaube

spreader hood

Simple manual height and width adjustment of the lower section of the spreader hood to enable spreading of different materials. Material flow to the spinning discs is optimised for precise distribution. Spreading cone for more accurate distribution of light materials (compost, dried poultry manure, etc.).
HAWE DST Streuteller

Spinning discs

with six adjustable spreading blades. Replaceable Hardox wear strips.
HAWE DST Streuwalzen

Horizontal beaters

Two horizontal beaters with bolted, highly wear-resistant spreader tines made from Hardox steel, reversible. Bearing has antiwrap system. Spreader hood with plastic plate to protect against stones.
HAWE DST Kratzbodenwelle

Scraper floor shaft

mounted on three bearings. High level of self-cleaning thanks to scrapers in each chain sprocket.
HAWE DST Kratzbodenkette

Scraper floor chains

Four scraper floor chains, each chain 14 x 50 mm 25 t breaking strain. Enclosed scraper floor slats, every fourth slat is a cleaning slat.
HAWE DST Streuwalzenantrieb

Beater rotors

driven by 11/4 inch chains with automatic chain tensioning and automatic oil pump to lubricate the drive chains and scraper floor shaft bearings. Central lubrication bar for beater rotor bearings.
HAWE DST Kratzbodenantrieb

Scraper floor

driven by spur gearbox, on right when facing in direction of travel, central lubrication bar for beater rotor bearings.
HAWE DST Wiegesystem
HAWE DST Taskcontrol


Weighing system in conjunction with ISOBUS control for automatic, weight dependent, variable output and subsequent documentation of the scattered quantities and areas via the task controller to the customer‘s impact card.

Optional equipment

HAWE DST Bordwanderhöhung

Side wall extension

300 mm for compost or other light materials.
HAWE DST Zugdeichsel mech
HAWE DST Zugdeichsel hydr


Drawbar, mechanical suspension with upper/lower drawbar. Alternatively, hydraulic suspension with lower drawbar.

Tire variants for all claims


BKT FL 630 Super

  • the ideal tire for a multipurpose use on road and field
  • uniform running and high resistance


  • For 75 per cent road use
  • Excellent performances on the road.
  • High comfort and self-cleaning
  • Speed index class D/E for higher speeds on road journeys while saving significantly time
  • Low rolling resistance for fuel savings
agriflex +389 vf

Alliance AGRIFLEX + 389 VF

  • The Alliance 389 VF flotation tire with „Very High Flexion“ technology can be used with 30 percent lower tire pressure
  • Suitable for field use as well as for road transport

Michelin TRAILXBIB High Flotation

  • Gentle to the floor
  • The tire can carry the same load with very low air pressure
  • Very good self-cleaning
  • Consistent center bar ensures a long service life and safe driving behavior on the road