Equipment ULW

General equipment

ULW Auger

Auger diameter

Auger diameter 500 mm The large-diameter auger ensures that the product is unloaded quickly and without damage. The star bearing is designed for smooth, low-maintenance, long-term use.
ULW swivel discharge chute

Hydraulic-swivel discharge chute discharge chute

The hydraulic-swivel discharge chute allows precision filling of haulage vehicles. (optional)
ULW drawbar
ULW drawbar2


Choice of top or bottom hitch. Also, hydraulic drawbar damper available for bottom hitch. For improved driving comfort and reduced impact load on vehicle and driver.
tank volume

Hopper auger with gearing

The large-volume chamber is emptied evenly over its entire length by two specially designed augers located at the base of the chamber. These hopper augers are activated by a hydraulic clutch. The feed rate can be reduced by repositioning the drive shaft on the gearbox. This ensures that the system runs smoothly without adjustment of the hopper auger cover.


The hydraulically-operated cleaning or discharge slide at the lowest point in the chamber and cleaning hatch in the unloading auger make it easy to switch to different crops or fertilizers.
Lighting system

Spotlights/lighting and camera system

Camera system at the auger outlet, in the chamber and on the rear wall available on request. High-quality LED spotlights for optimal night-time visibility.

Roll-up cover / Ladder access

The HAWE roll-up cover system comes as standard and is extremely easy to use for protection against moisture and rain. The cover is firmly attached by a toothed rack system, making additional ratchet or similar fixings unnecessary. It is simple and straightforward to operate from the ground.
ULW Weigher


Weighing system with digital display and USB data transfer, patented AUTOLOG system for automatic weighing with PC software for analysis and documentation (optional).


ULW Bedienung

User-friendly controls

Optional electric comfort controls or ISO-Bus control of the transfer trailer.




HAWE offers a wide selection of low-compaction tires up to 1.70 m diameter.


Equipment Field transfer trailer ULW 1500 / ULW 2000 / ULW 2500 / ULW 3000

Seed auger

Increased efficiency through the hydraulic swivel seed and fertiliser auger for highly efficient filling of drillers and fertiliser spreaders with wide working widths.

Body-swap running gear

The HAWE body-swap system enables you to exploit your high-quality tandem or tridem running gear to the full. Matching grain bodies are available from between 25 to 38 m 3 capacity.

Equipment Field transfer trailer ULW 3500 / ULW 4000 / ULW 5000

Hydraulic drawbar suspension

Hydraulic drawbar suspension

Extremely robust design improves driving comfort and reduces the impact load on vehicle and driver.
ULW schwenkbares Auslaufrohr02
ULW swivelling discharge pipe

Swiveling discharge pipe

For fast, accurate offloading. Transfer range up to 4.00 m, auger delivery height up to 5.70 m.

Seed/fertiliser chute

The folding, hydraulically-adjustable seed and fertiliser chute guarantees accurate filling of seed drills and fertiliser spreaders. Low transport vehicles can also be loaded efficiently without losses (optional).



WLAN control

Can now also be comfortable controlled via WLAN from your mobile appliance, such as a smart phone or tablet. All harvest data available if and when you need it! Easy display and control. Available as free app for all Android and IOS systems.
HAWE WPS22_TerraTrac

Body-swap running gear

The HAWE body-swap system enables you to exploit your high-quality tandem or tridem running gear to the full. Matching grain bodies are available from between 25 to 38 m 3 capacity. As another ground-friendly suspension concept we offer a WPS caterpillar drive for a much wider range of applications.

Tire variants for all claims


BKT FL 630 Super

  • the ideal tire for a multipurpose use on road and field
  • uniform running and high resistance


  • For 75 per cent road use
  • Excellent performances on the road.
  • High comfort and self-cleaning
  • Speed index class D/E for higher speeds on road journeys while saving significantly time
  • Low rolling resistance for fuel savings
agriflex +389 vf

Alliance AGRIFLEX + 389 VF

  • The Alliance 389 VF flotation tire with „Very High Flexion“ technology can be used with 30 percent lower tire pressure
  • Suitable for field use as well as for road transport

Michelin TRAILXBIB High Flotation

  • Gentle to the floor
  • The tire can carry the same load with very low air pressure
  • Very good self-cleaning
  • Consistent center bar ensures a long service life and safe driving behavior on the road