Equipment FDW

General equipment

HAWE FDW Antrieb Dosierwalzen

Drive metering beaters and cross conveyor

The dosage beaters are driven by 1 inch chains. The drive is easily accessible and the chains easy to retighten. The cross conveyor with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation and the scraper floor with supply and return are driven by powerful oil motors.
HAWE FDW Bedienung

User-friendly controls

All HAWE feeder trailers can be operated comfortably from the driver’s seat.


HAWE FDW Kratzboden

Scraper floor and spreader

The feeder trailers up to 14 cubic meters are equipped as standard with two dosing beaters (optionally also with 3 beaters) for shredding and loosening the silage. The FDS-STA 16 has three beaters. The heavy scraper floor with two 13-millimeter chains is designed for the highest demands.
HAWE FDW Kraftfutterbehälter

Concentrate feed container (option)

Upon request, we can equip your HAWE feeder trailer with a concentrate box at the front. In conjunction with the discharge screw, you achieve optimum mixing of the various feed components.
HAWE FDW Wiegeeintrichtung
HAWE FDW Wiegeeintrichtung02

Weigher (option)

Another option is a weighing system. The cradles are tension-free and protected under carriers.
HAWE FDW Rear discharge

Rear application (option)

All vehicle types are available with rear out feed with auger or conveyor belt.
HAWE FDW conveyor belt extension

Additional equipment band extension

For filling biogas or feed mixing plants, you can have your HAWE feeder trailer equipped with a hydraulically folding strip extension, which is mounted on a stable additional frame.