Equipment SLW

General equipment

HAWE SLW Dachkantenprofil
HAWE SLW_Dachkantenprofil

Hood-type end profile

New top flange designed as a hood-type profile to prevent trickle loss.


Extended, tightly sealing tailgate to prevent trickle loss.
HAWE SLW Standsicherheit

Outstanding stability

due to the wide chassis and low center of gravity.
HAWE SLW Serviceöffnung

service opening

Large access hatch to the cargo area with folding ladder.
HAWE SLW Beleuchtung

Cargo area spotlight/camera system

A powerful spotlight for the cargo area is installed as standard (LED optional) to ensure that loading and unloading processes can be optimally monitored even in poor light conditions. HAWE supplies a camera system for monitoring the internal and rear areas upon request.
HAWE SLW Frontklappe

Hydraulically folding front wall

All HAWE silage transport trailers feature a transparent front wall with a hydraulically folding upper section. with a hydraulically folding upper section. All cables and hydraulic lines are routed through a hose cabinet to ensure that the trailer can be easily and safely attached and detached.
HAWE SLW Anzeige
HAWE SLW_Anzeige


Standard tailgate opening label at the front of the forage harvester.
HAWE SLW Kettenspanner

Automatic chain tensioner

Visual monitoring of automatic chain tensioner.
HAWE SLW Kratzboden

Robust scraper floor

4 robust scraper floor chains with 13 or 14 mm diameter respectively and up to 25 tons breaking load. The 60/30 U-section scraper floor slats in models SLW 45 and above are designed for maximum loads.
HAWE SLW_Heckklappe

Proportioning rollers

All HAWE models from SLW 30 and above feature proportioning rollers as standard to ensure that chopped silage is distributed evenly. The models are also available without proportioning rollers upon request.

Two-stage scraper floor drive

Mechanical drive with change gear Also available with a hydraulic two-stage scraper floor drive as an option. Also available with a hydraulic two-stage scraper floor drive as an option. High unloading speeds of up to 14 m/min for short unloading times.
HAWE SLW Cover01
HAWE SLW Cover02

HAWE Cover System

The new HAWE Cover System ensures loss-free transport of shredded material. The HAWE Cover consists of two cover elements attached to the vehicle, which are controlled by two maintenance-free hydraulic motors. The fast-closing system can be easily operated from the driver’s cab.
HAWE SLW_Deichselfederung

Drawbar suspension

Mechanical drawbar suspension and height adjustable, reversible drawbar.
HAWE SLW Anhängung
HAWE SLW_Anhängung


SLW 25 to SLW 40 with upper attachment, optionally also with lower attachment. Models from SLW 45 and above come with K 80 lower attachment as standard.

Tire variants for all claims


BKT FL 630 Super

  • the ideal tire for a multipurpose use on road and field
  • uniform running and high resistance


  • For 75 per cent road use
  • Excellent performances on the road.
  • High comfort and self-cleaning
  • Speed index class D/E for higher speeds on road journeys while saving significantly time
  • Low rolling resistance for fuel savings
agriflex +389 vf

Alliance AGRIFLEX + 389 VF

  • The Alliance 389 VF flotation tire with „Very High Flexion“ technology can be used with 30 percent lower tire pressure
  • Suitable for field use as well as for road transport

Michelin TRAILXBIB High Flotation

  • Gentle to the floor
  • The tire can carry the same load with very low air pressure
  • Very good self-cleaning
  • Consistent center bar ensures a long service life and safe driving behavior on the road