Equipment SUW

General equipment

HAWE SUW Schwenkbereich

280 degree swivel range

The discharge spout on the HAWE SUW silage transfer trailer is hydraulically adjustable in all directions. The 280 degree spout swivel range allows optimum filling of haulage vehicles from the SUW.
ULW Bedienung

User-friendly controls

Optional electric comfort controls or ISO-Bus control of the transfer trailer.


HAWE SUW Auswurf

Maximum load capacity

The high discharge speed of the high-performance blower improves silage compaction by approx. 30% compared with other unloading methods. More silage can be transferred to the transport vehicle, allowing full use of the maximum transport capacity at all times.
HAWE SUW Bordwanderhöhung

Side wall extension

Tridem vehicles can optionally be fitted with a hydraulic wall extension, increasing the transport volume to 60 m³. This equates to a full truck load and avoids unnecessary waiting times for haulage vehicles.


HAWE SUW Bordwand

Strong walls

For aggressive silage, HAWE SUW has as standard side walls made of stainless steel material.
HAWE SUW Kettenspanner

Chain tensioning

The automatic scraper floor chain tensioning system is included in the standard specification.
HAWE-SUW rear unload

Rear unloading

A fast rear unloading system with a special drive is available as an option. This allows the HAWE SUW to be used as a silage transport trailer during the maize and grass harvest.



Filling biogas plants

Outside the silage season, the HAWE SUW can be used conveniently and efficiently to fill biogas plants. It fills the input batch feeder quickly and accurately at a rate of approximately 10 m³/minute.
HAWE SUW Breitspur

Outstanding stability

thanks to the wide chassis and low center of gravity.

Large tires

HAWE offers a wide range of low-compaction tires.

Tire variants for all claims


BKT FL 630 Super

  • the ideal tire for a multipurpose use on road and field
  • uniform running and high resistance


  • For 75 per cent road use
  • Excellent performances on the road.
  • High comfort and self-cleaning
  • Speed index class D/E for higher speeds on road journeys while saving significantly time
  • Low rolling resistance for fuel savings
agriflex +389 vf

Alliance AGRIFLEX + 389 VF

  • The Alliance 389 VF flotation tire with „Very High Flexion“ technology can be used with 30 percent lower tire pressure
  • Suitable for field use as well as for road transport

Michelin TRAILXBIB High Flotation

  • Gentle to the floor
  • The tire can carry the same load with very low air pressure
  • Very good self-cleaning
  • Consistent center bar ensures a long service life and safe driving behavior on the road