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14. – 20. November 2021

Hanover, Germany


New HAWE Cover System

Press release from 8. October

Since August 2019, all HAWE SLW Silage transport trailers and the SLW-A for the WPS body swap system have been equipped with a new load compartment cover. The new HAWE Cover System ensures loss-free transport of shredded material. The HAWE Cover consists of two cover elements attached to the vehicle, which are controlled by two maintenance-free hydraulic motors. The fast-closing system can be easily operated from the driver’s cab. The assembly is easy and convenient on the side walls of the transport vehicle.

The details:

– PES mesh with PVC coating
– Webbing sewn around for optimum stability
– Fast installation with existing holes

– Solid steel construction
– Quick and easy installation
– Perfect handling of the parts
– Long-lasting coloration by cathodic dip painting (KTL) with powder coating

– Drive by hydraulic motors with integrated brake for optimum hold in the end positions
– Adjustable folding speed
– Drive via tractor hydraulics through only one double-acting connection from the tractor

All HAWE vehicles are designed for use with modern large tractors. Modern operating concepts relieve the driver and guarantee maximum efficiency of the entire harvest chain.

60 years HAWE Wester

Press release from 15. April 2019

Wippingen – Together with our employees, their families and our neighbors, we celebrate our 60th anniversary on April 6th.

60Jahre HAWE



Press release from 01. 08. 2018

ULW-A 5000 Field transfer trailer with WPS 34 TTS caterpillar suspension. From August 2018, the HAWE ULW-A 5000-the largest of the ULW series-will also be available with caterpillar suspension. Camso’s Type TTS caterpillar drive is specifically designed for pulled vehicles. With the WPS 34 interchange bridge landing gear, HAWE – in addition to the wide range of enrichments – now offers this additional option for soil-conserves fieldwork. With a load volume of up to 50 m ³ and an overloading snail that can be extended in diameter to 60 cm, the overload power at ULW 5000 is up to 1,200 t/h, i.e. a whole truck – train or trailer can be filled in about two minutes. This eliminates a significant part of the stand/wait at the edge of the field. The vehicles were designed for use with state-of-the-art large-scale tractors. Modern operating concepts, including ISOBUS operation, relieve the driver and guarantee maximum efficiency of the entire harvest chain.