Equipments SVW

General equipment

HAWE SVW Wurfgeblaese

Powerful straw blower

The vertical straw blower in front of the vehicle is in the field of view of the driver. From about 2 meters throw height distribution spans are achieved up to 12 meters.
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HAWE SVW Wurfturbine

Tearing beaters and throwing turbine

The large HAWE straw spreader trailers are equipped with 3 tearing beaters in front of the throwing turbine. For easy and clear loading, the high side walls can be hydraulically folded. As further options we offer box extension, plug-in attachments or a version with cutting beaters.
HAWE SVW horizontalesWurfgeblaese

Horizontal straw blower

The straw blower in front is mounted under the vehicle to save space.
The output is in the direction of travel on the right (type SVW II R).
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HAWE SVW Reißwalzen

Scraper floor and spreader

The straw spreader trailers have 2 or 3 beaters, which are equipped with knives,
U-profiles or spiral takings can be fitted. The heavy scraper floor with two 13-millimeter chains is designed for the highest demands.
HAWE SVW horizontale Wurfturbine

Horizontal straw blower

The horizontal turbine at the back is step less 90 ° hydraulically swiveling (type SVW II HBS).