Equipment KUW

Equipment KUW

General equipment

HAWE KUW Übergabe

Stable construction

The stable frame construction with mounted steel container is equipped with a rolling floor with stable conveyor chain and galvanized steel strips.
HAWE KUW Elevator

Cross elevator

The cross elevator is 1200 mm wide and allows a discharge capacity of up to 120 t / h. The transfer height is approx 4.1 m. the folding of the elevator belt allows a particularly gentle transfer into the receiving vehicle. The KUW is also suitable for other crops such as Carrots, Onions, Beetroot, Parsnips etc.

Collection bunker

The collection bunker for trash and soil offers up to approx. 2 m³ volume. The bunker is emptied back in the field hydraulically via two discharge flaps.
HAWE KUW Walzenseperator

Roller separator

The adjustable roller distance on the roller separator optimizes the cleaning of the crop. Due to the variable angle of inclination, the cleaning performance or the charging speed can be set individually. The rollers are cleaned via a high-speed function.

Tire variants for all claims


Alliance Flotation 328

  • Standard equipment for all HAWE universal spreaders
  • Diagonal flotation tires for trailed vehicles with tread pattern which minimizes soil damage

Alliance Flotation 380

  • flexible tread blocks and wide tread voids for optimum self-cleaning characteristics
  • continuous steel belt for excellent durability
  • very good traction in both directions of travel thanks to non-directional tread pattern
390 mit Felge

Alliance Agri-Transport 390

  • ideal for grassland use
  • the deep tread guarantees a long service life
  • flexible tread blocks and wide tread voids for optimum self-cleaning characteristics
  • continuous steel belt provides high side stability

BKT FL 630 Super

  • the ideal tire for a multipurpose use on road and field
  • uniform running and high resistance


  • For 75 per cent road use
  • Excellent performances on the road.
  • High comfort and self-cleaning
  • Speed index class D/E for higher speeds on road journeys while saving significantly time
  • Low rolling resistance for fuel savings

Michelin CARGO X BIB High Flotation

  • High-quality tyre for road transport
  • High load capacity and large riot area
  • Precise guidance and low rolling resistance
  • Particularly suitable for tyre pressure control systems