ULW Dual Tank System

Equipments ULW Dual Tank System

HAWE ULW_Doppeltank
With a loading width of up to 8 m, the seed can be filled precisely and without loss into the seeder.
The tank volume of the transfer trailers from HAWE Wester can now be split longitudinally at the ratio of 60 / 40. The separator system of the transfer trailer tank can be fitted easily and also removed again.
HAWE ULW Doppeltank Behälter
HAWE ULW Doppeltank Förderschnecke
Under each of the hoppers there is a hydraulically driven auger. The filling of the seed drills is remotely radio controlled from the comfort of the tractor cab.
HAWE ULW Doppeltank Wiegesystem
In combination with the optional HAWE load-weighing system, the driver doses the exact amount of fertiliser and seeds as necessary for the plot and this considerably reduces the residual amounts. The usual functions of the field transfer trailers remain entirely untouched by this system, so that there are no functional restrictions during grain harvest.